In-hospital pharmacy

We have a pharmacy in our clinic.You can receive your prescription medicine at reception from our pharmacist when you make your payment.Business as usual on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays, we can prescribe your medicine as needed, not like temporary prescription just for one day in an emergency response.

※Your turn may be changed depending on your prescription.
※When pharmacist takes day-off, it must be out-of- hospital prescription.

Compare In and Out-of-hospital prescription

Lately, it’s getting major way to go to pharmacy out of hospital with prescription you received at hospital, but time and effort to go to pharmacy are considerably heavy burden on unwell patients.

It’s better if you can receive medicine at hospital where you are treated,Not only you have to spend time and effort, moreover, you have to pay more when you receive outside of the hospital.

Advantages and disadvantages of “In-hospital prescription” and “out-of-hospital prescription” are listed below.

  In-hospital (our clinic) Out-of-hospital
adv ・No effort
・No time
・Comparatively low-priced
・(In case you go to multiple hospitals and all of their medicine is prescribed out-of-hospital) If you bring all of your prescription to your regular pharmacy, they can check the mix of your medicine is good or bad based on your prescription history.
・They have a wide variety of medicine including generic.
disadv Prescription history is only based on the patients’ information (prescription notebook) ・Need effort
・Takes time
・Comparatively high-priced

In-hospital prescription has a lot of advantages.

An advantage of out-of-hospital prescription “check the mix of medicine” is the advantage only when you go to one pharmacy bringing multiple prescriptions.In actual life, you usually go to the pharmacy next to the hospital you go.In that case, they can check only based on your report or prescription notebook, then advantage is gone.

Regarding a variety of medicine: we proactively adopt generic medicine at our in-hospital pharmacy.(We choose original medicine when we need to avoid generic due to side effect or there is no generic exist in the first place.

Cost comparison

Cost of prescription medicine covered by health insurance is calculated based on medical fee score table (1 point = 10 yen) determined by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.Same medicine, same price in every hospital and pharmacy nationally.But when you are prescribed medicine, there’s additional cost such as prescription (technical) fee, ant that fee is the difference depending on scales and standards of each medical institute and pharmacy.

Though the cost is different depending on amounts and variety of medicine prescribed in  one time, let’s compare the cost of in-hospital and out-of-hospital when you receive same medicine in a case of chronic disease in which the cost difference is large.

(Example) prescribed 3 medicines for internal use of 30 days’ worth.

  In-hospital (our clinic) Out-of-hospital (others)
Prescription fee 42 point 68 point
Basic fee 14 point 42 point
Dispensing fee (for internal atoning) 11 point 231 point
Information fee 10 point 20 point
Basic dispensing additional fee - 32 point
Generic medicine additional fee - 22 point
Prescription history guidance and management fee - 57 point
Total 77 point 472 point

Total difference is 472 – 77 =395.
395 point = 3,950 yen, then the price difference is 1,185 yen for 30% bearer.

It means you pay 1,185 yen lower per one time to receive same medicine.

In-hospital prescription is more helpful for patients

When we think from the patients’ point of view, there is no reason NOT choose in-hospital prescription which takes less time, effort and less cost if you don’t have advantage of out-of-hospital mentioned above.

But from the hospital’s view, there are a lot of burden to establish the in-hospital pharmacy such as capital investment, securing human resources and inventory, that means it has a poor profit.That’s why there are increasing numbers of medical institutes which don’t establish the in-hospital pharmacy and make all the prescription go to out-of-hospital pharmacy.

There are not so many patients who choose hospital by the way of prescription, but if they can choose it after understanding advantages and disadvantages and price difference, a lot of patients choose the in-hospital prescription.(We can issue prescription for out-of-hospital pharmacy when you need.)

We choose in-hospital prescription based on the belief that we always want to practice better medical care for the patients.

Various credit card acceptable.

Various credit cards acceptable for treatment NOT covered by health insurance other than cash.

Cash only for treatment COVERED by health insurance.
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