Care plan center

What is Care plan center?

We provide consultation for personnel who needs Long-term care or his/her family about various things regarding Long-term care.
We help you to apply for Long-term care certification, or apply on your behalf.
We support personnel who needs long-term care can receive needed long-term care service.
After certification, we ask your mental and physical status and family situation to make personal care plan, and offer appropriate Long-term care insurance service.We check if the service is provided as planned at in-home service office, and accommodate if necessary.

Available hours

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※Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Available on national holidays.

 Call TEL. 0438-38-6773

What is Long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance is one of the social insurances for resident of Japan over 40 years old (except exemptees and uninsured)

Personnel needs to receive certification of long-term care to have insurance benefits (nursing care service), when you apply for the first time, it takes 1 to 2 months.

Insured people are divided to 2 groups listed below,
・“First insured person” who is over 65 years old
・“Second insured person” who is over 40 years old to 64 years old

Second insured person can receive certification of Long-term care insurance only in case when he/she needs long-term care due to specific disease.

No consultation fee

Feel free to have consultation not only about usage of our facility, but also about long-term care.

Various credit card acceptable.

Various credit cards acceptable for treatment NOT covered by health insurance other than cash.

Cash only for treatment COVERED by health insurance.
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