House Call Dentistry

Only dentistry is available as house call for now.

Available hours

House call dentistry Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun National
9am to 6pm    

House call is NOT available on weekends, but available on national holidays.

Contact us TEL. 0438-72-9918

If you have any question about treatment detail or fee, feel free to contact us.

Dentist and Dental hygienist visit your home, hospital or facility you stay.
COVERED by health insurance and partly Long-term care insurance.
Dentist and Dental hygienist visit your home, hospital or facility you stay.
We are equipped with portable dental instrument, so you can have almost as same treatment as you go to dental clinic while you stay at your familiar place.
Importance of oral care
Recently, it became widely known that oral diseases have a huge effect on the whole body.Especially aspiration pneumonia and diabetes are closely related to oral bacteria.
There are always oral related things such as delicious meal and pleasant conversation for us human beings live richly.What if your oral is not healthy? Even healthy person doesn’t feel good taste of meal nor fun of conversation when his/her caries or stomatitis hurts.If you don’t have enough teeth, it’s hard to eat deliciously, you may want to avoid conversation with someone.It’s stressful if you can’t enjoy meal, then you become more unwell if you can’t take nutrients well.
To get out of the vicious cycle, make a denture/partial if you don’t have teeth, train feeding function if you’re losing it, then you can regain fun to eat.Fun to ear make your willing to live more.
It is important to keep oral health by professional and self-care in order to enhance ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and QOL (Quality of life).
Contents of house call dentistry
Crown, dental bridge
Simple surgical treatment (Simple tooth extraction)
Production, repair and adjustment of denture/partial
Perio treatment, scaling
Mucosal disease such as stomatitis and oral candidiasis
Xerosal dryness
TMJ, Bruxism
Oral cleaning, oral care instruction and management
Treatment fee is COVERED by health insurance and Long-term care insurance.
House call fee is COVERED by health insurance.
Treatment fee is also COVERED by health insurance same as coming to clinic.
For personnel with certification of needed care or support, part of management and consultant fee is COVERED by Long-term care insurance.
Health insurance You pay 10 to 30 % of medical fee.
Long-term care insurance You pay 10 or 20 % of Service fee.
Other than above, you can use High-cost Medical Expense Benefit, various public funds and welfare.
Various credit card acceptable.

Various credit cards acceptable for treatment NOT covered by health insurance other than cash.

Cash only for treatment COVERED by health insurance.
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Reception hours

AM 9am to 12 noon

PM 2:30pm to 5:30 pm

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun National
Internal Medicine Dentistry
Internal medicine / Dentistry

Open all year round (except New Year holiday) even on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday.

※Reception may finish early due to congestion.

※Please give yourself a little extra time when you come to clinic.



Only on the 3rd Sunday.

Accept over 1 yo child

※Open on Sunday of National holiday



Sat:9am to 12noon
Sun:9am to 12noon,2:30pm to 5:30pm

※Open on Saturday and Sunday of National Holiday.