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Various credit card acceptable for the payment NOT covered by health insurance including medical hair removal.

What is medical hair removal?
It’s medical laser hair removal operated by medical personnel.
Hair removal is medical practice to destroy the follicle cells, only medical personnel can operate at medical institute.

Intense pulsed light hair removal operated at aesthetic salon has low output and can’t destroy the follicle cells, it takes many times of treatment to get an effect.Though the hair decreased temporarily, they go back to normal as time goes.
On the other hand, medical laser hair removal of medical institute uses strong output, permanent hair removal is possible in less treatments.
What is hair cycle?
Hair cycle is the cycle of hair growth, only hairs in “growth period” can get an effect of medical laser hair removal.It progresses from “regression period” in which hair growth is stopped after the first removal → “hibernation period” till next cell division after falling out of hair → to next “growth period”. It is hard to assess this cycle because the length of this cycle is individually different, but it takes generally 1 to 2 months. Hair removal must be operated according to this cycle so that hair removal progress efficiently.
Introducing our machine
Medical hair removal laser “LightSheer Duet” (800nm diode laser)

Japan lumenis LightSheerDUET
U.S. FDA approval
Feature 1. Short time operation with large handpiece
LightSheer DUET has 2 handpieces depending on operation part.
Especially HS handpiece (on the left) irradiates wide area (22×35) while suctioning skin.Irradiatable are is 9~10 times wider compare to conventional general machine (diameter 10mm).It can treat efficiently – taking 1/3 treatment time – it also greatly reduce the burden of body.
HS handpiece
Suction system
ET handpiece
Cooling system
Feature 2. Less pain thanks to suction and cooling system
Large HS handpiece irradiates while irradiate port suctions and stretch the skin.It reduces density of melanin which is one of causes of pain, make it easier to operate only on follicle melanin pigment.
It also makes distance between source and follicle sells closer to reduce output of laser to necessary bare minimum, pain is less than other medical laser.

ET handpiece has ChillTip cooling system. It is possible to greatly relieve pain by cooling and squeezing method.(It’s not completely painless. There are individual differences in feeling pain. )

Feature 3. Less unevenness of irradiation
ET handpiece which operates small area has squared irradiation area.
General circle irradiation has inevitable gap and overlap, that makes irradiate omission and duplication.
Squared ET handpiece makes less gap and can irradiates without waste, even and efficiently.
Procedure of hair removal
We explain about mechanism, parts, method, period of time, fee, risk of hair removal.Feel free to ask what you care and worried, even you think it’s a trifle.
When you consider a course which is over a certain amount and takes multiple times, we issue a summary for you to understand the contract detail.
Hair removal in operated by certified staff.
Credit card is acceptable other than cash.
If you choose hair removal course, make a reservation for next treatment.
5.Follow-through service
We use highly safe machine for medical laser hair removal, but there are inevitable risks such as burn and edema.
Please let us know in case you have such symptoms listed above.

Q.Is it refundable if I have to cancel the contraction due to moving out?

A.Yes. When we decide there is unavoidable circumstances, cancellation can be possible.

Please ask for details.
Special discount
■Whole body hair removal special price
■Orthodontic discount
If you have orthodontic treatment at our clinic, You can get a 20% discount of medical laser hair removal from when you start orthodontic treatment till after 1 year when you finish it.

※All the menu is to be applied discount.
※Discount is limited to only patient who have orthodontic treatment.You can’t transfer the right to anyone else.
Massage menu
Assigned staff massages your scalp, face, décolleté, back, legs and arms.
※Reservation required
※Oil massage (please ask)
※This is NOT chiropractic treatment.
※We can’t massage the part where you get hair removal treatment.
Men’s hair removal
Men’s beard and moustache hair removal is available.
We can design your beard and moustache.
woman1.jpg woman2.jpg
Men’s fee applied to men’s hair removal from October 1st, 2021.

dansei1.jpgdansei2.jpg※Price could be the subject to change.

Various credit cards acceptable other than cash (only for the payment NOT covered by health insurance).

Various credit card acceptable.

Various credit cards acceptable for treatment NOT covered by health insurance other than cash.

Cash only for treatment COVERED by health insurance.
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